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Hello! In the spirit of being open and honest, I have written some disclosures concerning this website, the blog and how I make some of my money to run it. First, this blog is written and published by me, Lori Camacho All opinions, information, and advice are given according my highest discernment. My experiences and advice are meant for informational purposes only.

General Disclaimer

You will find that some articles, videos, and audios are written or recorded as “Raina.” I am a trance vocal channel that has information and teachings come through the avenue of channeling also known as a stream of consciousness. Again, all data is for the purpose of growth, learning, and is not to be taken as a replacement for medical and/or psychological treatment. I in no way want anyone giving away their power to the channeling itself. I love that this is part of my purpose and want everyone to still use their own discernment and common sense.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Links to this website may lead you to a product or service that provides an affiliate commission for me should you make a purchase. This is part of how I am able to keep the blog running and monetized. All recommendations and products that are given are done so with complete honesty. I recommend helpful products and services that I personally use.

Privacy Policy

We collect information in the form of email, name, and payment information for the sole purpose of providing subscription memberships and purchases on this site. We do not share this information. It is kept private.
If you click on one of our advertisers, they may use cookies to track your behavior to monitor our affiliate link so we may receive a commission.
All videos, audios and written information are  copyrighted by Raina Teachings and are not to be copied, distributed or represented by anyone besides Lori Camacho and Raina Teachings.

Thank you and enjoy the Raina Teachings!