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Here you will find all live in person workshops or events that Lori and Raina are teaching in the calendar year. Some classes have pre-requisites so make sure you have completed those classes before signing up. The pre-requisite will be listed clearly.

A scheduling software is here for your convenience. Locate the workshop, class or event you are wanting to attend, choose, pay and then email us at: to rsvp and let us know you are attending. You will receive an email prior to the class starting with address and any pertinent information needed for the event. We look forward to seeing you at our many workshops and events!

Preparing for a Private:

Intuitive Healing:

Intuitive Healing & Channeling Sessions with Lori and Raina are a combination of healing, spiritual development, channeling and guidance with the many areas of life starting with what you are experiencing presently. These sessions are in the moment healing experiences that are to engage you on your spiritual path and learn how to effectively change patterns and live a more fulfilling life.

Lori and Raina will address and help to process traumas, blocked or stagnant energy, past lifetimes and any unresolved parts of self that may be blocking you from seeing or creating effectively. Future information given is based on your current reality choices and how this will play out. This can always be changed or altered according to the amount of responsibility and accountability you are willing to take. Nothing is written in stone, and you are the creator of your future.

We will always remind you of your powerful ability to create. If you are ready to step into your journey, please make a time selection below and we look forward to working with you.


Sessions are conducted in person or by zoom or phone. After you’ve selected a time and scheduled your appointment, please email Lori: to let her know if you will be coming in person or over the phone so we can send you the correct information needed to attend your session.
If we can put this before the schedule that would be best unless that isn’t possible.